Bollington Outdoors

Bollington: Church Street and the Nab

Bollington (near Macclesfield) is ideally situated for walking, cycling, orienteering, running, horse riding, angling, canoeing and canal boating. Within a few miles of Bollington there is open countryside with rolling hills, miles of footpaths and bridleways, quiet lanes, woodlands, forest, rivers, canals, reservoirs, traditional pubs, country parks and visitor centres. In the pages of the Bollington Outdoors website there are details of walking routes, orienteering locations and events, cycling routes and events, horse riding centres, running routes and events, angling clubs, canal boat hire, accommodation, places to eat and drink, and suggestions for places to visit, which are all located within a few miles.

Walk around Bollington, and you will soon appreciate that the town is a mixture of old and new. Macclesfield canal passes through the heart of the town, passing two old mill buildings, Adelphi Mill and Clarence Mill, both former cotton mills, but which now accommodate modern apartments and businesses. The Middlewood Way, which also passes through the town, used to carry the railway from Macclesfield to Marple. Now it has been converted into a linear footpath, used by walkers, cyclists and horse riders.


Many footpaths thread their way through and around Bollington, presenting many interesting routes to walkers. Climb up onto Kerridge Ridge, to see its fascinating monolith White Nancy, which dominates the skyline. A walk up to White Nancy is rewarded with fine views over the Cheshire countryside. On the other side of Bollington stands an even taller hill, the Nab, which provides even better views (on a clear day!). In between the two hills lies Bollington town, otherwise known as the Happy Valley locally! In browsing this website, you will hopefully find many reasons to spend time outdoors in Bollington!

The Happy Valley website (sister website to Bollington Outdoors) provides more information about the town, and the interests of its population.

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