This page contains some links to other websites that you might find useful:

Ranger Dan: Ranger Dan Coates is based in Macclesfield. He provides outdoor environmental education within schools and also does bushcraft courses, holiday clubs and woodland birthday parties for children.

Makeit Macclesfield: Macclesfield’s Economic Forum aim to establish a new identity for Macclesfield giving it a vision, with an outlined and clear distinction of how our town is different.
Bridgend Centre: The Bridgend Centre in Bollington is a community cooperative. Their primary aim is to improve the quality of life, especially for those feeling isolated. They run a charity shop, organise local events, and sell Nostalgia Trail packs (guides to local walks).

Andy’s Greenbee: Mugs and cards of some areas around Macc

Bollington in Photos: A collection of 6000 photos of Bollington and the surrounding area from the late nineteenth century to the present day.

Cheshire Wildlife Trust: Independent wildlife and environmental charity in Cheshire.

Macc Info: Website for all things Macclesfield.

Macclesfield Community and News Website: An interactive website and comprehensive guide to Macclesfield amenities, clubs, businesses and activities for the benefit of Macc residents and visitors.

Macclesfield Forum: This is a venue for online discussion about all things Macclesfield (news, events, clubs to name but a few).

By Foot or Cycle: Details about travelling by foot or cycle in Macc, by East Cheshire NHS Trust.

iknow-peakdistrict: A guide to local hospitality and travel in the Peak District, to help tourists and locals plan an enjoyable day out.

Kerridge Ridge and Ingersley Vale: The Kerridge Ridge and Ingersley Vale Countryside and Heritage Project is a community project that began in 1998. The aim of the project is to retain and restore industrial heritage features that are found in the local landscape.

Happy Valley: Bollington’s own website, a wealth of information about all things Bollington, covering buildings, pubs, history, people, local news and societies.

Craig Thornber’s “scrapbook of Cheshire antiquities”: This is a very informative site, with photographs and information about many Cheshire towns, including Macclesfield.

Photography Cafe: A gallery of photographs taken by local photographer Wayne Molyneux.