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  • To return to the Home page at any time, select the large writing ‘Bollington Outdoors’ at the top of every screen.
  • Across the top left of each page is the utility navigation leading to the transport page, to a list of links to other useful websites, to a news page, to a few words about why I setup the website, a map of the whole website, a ‘Contact’ page to send me a message, and to this help page.
  • Just below that is a ‘breadcrumb trail’. This shows you where you are in the website structure, and allows you to easily work your way back up the menu structure of the website.
  • The left hand primary navigation contains links to the main sections: Walking, Cycling, Horse Riding, Running, Orienteering, Angling, Canoeing, Canal Boating, Places to go, Visitor Centres, Easy Access, Where to Stay, Whats On, Places to eat and drink, and the photo gallery.
  • Included in the left hand primary navigation links are any related links to other websites that contain information relevant to the page.
  • At the bottom of each page are links to our Disclaimer, an Accessibility statement, and our Privacy Policy.


The Search button at the top right hand corner of each page can be used to find information on this website on a particular subject.
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