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It is our aim to make the Bollington Outdoors website accessible to as many people as possible and we hope that you are able to find the answers to your questions quickly and browse around the site with ease.

We try to write the content of the website in simple, easy to understand language and avoid jargon wherever possible. We aim to explain what each area of the website contains on its homepage (the main index page of each area) to help you find the information you need. This website should still be usable if images are turned off. We aim to provide a ‘text only’ version of all graphical images to ensure all the content on the website is accessible.

There are several ways to navigate around this website:
  • go to a new page by selecting (with the mouse and clicking the left button) a menu item. There are three menus, one at the top of each page, one at the left hand side, and one at the bottom.
  • go to a new page by selecting (with the mouse and clicking the left button) a link from the ‘breadcrumb’ trail. This trail, displayed at the top of the central part of each page, indicates where you are in the menu ‘structure’ of the website.
  • go to a new page by pressing the Tab key repeatedly until the link to the page you require is highlighted. Then press the return key.
  • go to a new page from the site map (which contains a map of the whole website, and links to every page).
  • use the Search facility (located at the top left of every page) to look for a particular key word.