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Canal boating

The Macclesfield Canal runs between Marple and Hall Green, near Kidsgrove, UK. It passes through Bollington, Macclesfield and Congleton. It is about 26 miles long and has 13 locks. It links the Peak Forest Canal to the north with the Trent and Mersey Canal in the south and forms part of the “Cheshire Ring”. The canal has an interesting history. The route of the canal was surveyed by Thomas Telford and construction was engineered by William Crosley. The completed canal was opened in 1831 at a cost of £320,000. The Macclesfield Canal was one of the last canals to be built in Britain, and these days is popular with walkers and canoeists as well as narrow boats. The towpath is in good condition with many stretches suited to short walks. The canal also forms part of the 97-mile Cheshire Ring, linking six historic canals, including the Macclesfield, Peak Forest and Trent and Mersey.

Bollington Boats and Bikes
Bollington Boats and Bikes
Narrow boats may be hired from Bollington Boats and Bikes (situated adjacent to the canal on Grimshaw Lane). Their boat “White Nancy” is pictured here – see if you can spot me and Linda on it!

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